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Peter Farrar

Splitrec Tour - November 2014
In November we'll tour around Australia with the artists on our new and upcoming releases. The event brings together generations of experimentalists from Sydney, an unbroken tradition stretching back to the early 1970's.

Geoffrey Barnard – a member of the 1970's pioneer impro group will give a pre-concert talk on Teletopa.
Peter Farrar – alto saxophone
Dale Gorfinkel – modified trumpet
Truancy – Cor Fuhler (piano) and Jim Denley (winds)
Amanda Stewart – voice and text

15th (Concert) and 16th (Wkshop) November Sounding OFF Adelaide - EMU studio
18th Melbourne - Make it Up Club, Bar Open
20th Canberra - Smith's Alternative Bookshop
22nd Sydney - Peoples Rebublic of Camperdown
23rd Brisbane - Upstairs@199
1st Perth - Tura New Music at Ellingtons


More details to come soon