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Chris Abrahams and Clare Cooper - Germ Studies

Chris Abrahams and Clare Cooper - Germ Studies

Double CD from Splitrec (19)

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Chris Abrahams, DX7
Clare Cooper, Guzheng
198 scratches, itches and ailments.
Germ Studies is the inspired Australian pairing of renowned Sydney pianist Chris Abrahams, and Berlin-based harpist Clare Cooper – but if you're expecting a harmonic polyphony of harp and piano you'll be shocked by the alien landscapes that span the 198 tracks of this double disk.  
The unlikely combination of 1980s Japanese synth and 1380's Chinese harp creates an ambiguous and ambitious music. Although stemming from a language borne of contemporary electro-acoustic improvisation – Germ Studies approaches the path from a very different angle – filled with wonderful, ecstatic and unexpected joys.  
Chris Abrahams is perhaps best known for his work with the improvising trio The Necks.
Clare Cooper is keenly interested in extended vocabularies on the concert harp and the guzheng.
Not content with the gargantuan output of 198 distinct pieces, GERM STUDIES goes a step further – presenting an A3 Wall Chart with 198 Germ illustrations, depicted in sinister and candid detail by colleagues and friends, from Otomo Yoshihide to Clare's mum.
More than a collection of improvisations by two imaginative musicians, Germ Studies is a defining document, presented with all the care and attention to detail that these complex, bizarre and beautiful pieces deserve.

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