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blip - calibrated

blip - calibrated

CD from splitrec (20)

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This disc was recorded in one afternoon. We set up the mics, checked the levels and
played for a couple of hours. These were the first 3 pieces we played, in the order in which
we played them - not much editing went on afterwards.

Having said that, this was our 6th attempt to make a CD since beginning our work as a
duo in 2008. All through that process we kept listening, editing, mastering and then trying
again. In the words of Samuel Beckett "Try again. Fail again. Fail better."

Recording became our process of review and we'd like to think that through this process,
we were ultimately able to make something spontaneous and composed. These 3 pieces
nicely represent the spirit and nature of our music thus far, but there is other material
that is momentary - material which we never worked on, and will maybe never play again.  
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